post_ack_agent is the consumer class of post-ack. It can asynchronously poll for a value produced by the observed post_ack_mechanism.


template <typename T>
struct post_ack_agent {
	void attach(post_ack_mechanism<T> *mech); // (1)

	void detach(); // (2)

	sender poll(cancellation_token ct = {}); // (3)
  1. Attach the agent (consumer) to a mechanism (producer).
  2. Detach the agent from the mechanism.
  3. Asynchronously poll for a value.


T is moveable.


  • mech - the mechanism to attach to.
  • ct - the cancellation token to use.

Return values

  1. This method doesn't return any value.
  2. This method doesn't return any value.
  3. This method returns a sender of unspecified type. The sender returns a value of type post_ack_handle<T>.