This section of the Managarm documentation helps you on contributing to Managarm.



Most of our communication happens on our Discord at


Some of our communication takes place on GitHub at


We also have an IRC channel #managarm on, please keep in mind that our former channel found on freenode is no longer in use.

Contributing to The Managarm Project

First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! ❤️

All types of contributions are encouraged and valued. See the Table of Contents for different ways to help and details about how this project handles them. Please make sure to read the relevant section before making your contribution. It will make it a lot easier for us maintainers and smooth out the experience for all involved. The community looks forward to your contributions. 🎉

Table of Contents

I Have a Question

Our primary way of communication is our Discord server, please don't hesitate to ask a question there, we are more then willing to help. We also use GitHub Issues. You can search here to see if a question has already been answered before.

How do I contribute?

Legal Notice

When contributing to this project, you must agree that you have authored 100% of the content, that you have the necessary rights to the content and that the content you contribute may be provided under the project license.

Reporting Bugs

Submitting a Bug Report

A good bug report shouldn't leave others needing to chase you up for more information. Therefore, we ask you to investigate carefully, collect information and describe the issue in detail in your report. Please complete the following steps in advance to help us fix any potential bug as fast as possible.

We use GitHub issues to track bugs and errors. If you run into an issue with the project:

  • Open an Issue. (Since we can't be sure at this point whether it is a bug or not, we ask you not to talk about a bug yet and not to label the issue.)
  • Explain the behavior you would expect and the actual behavior.
  • Please provide as much context as possible and describe the reproduction steps that someone else can follow to recreate the issue on their own. This usually includes your code. For good bug reports you should isolate the problem and create a reduced test case.
  • Collect information about the bug:
    • Your input and the output
    • Can the bug be reproduced with the latest nightly image and/or with current packages from our package repositories?

Your First Code Contribution

This section of the Guide is Work-In-Progress. Please come back later for more information.

For instructions on how to setup the build environment, how to build and how to run Managarm we refer you to the bootstrap-managarm repository here.

Improving The Documentation

This section of the Guide is Work-In-Progress. Please come back later for more information.


Coding Style

For the general coding style used in The Managarm Project we refer you to the coding style.

Commit Messages

For the general commit message style used in The Managarm Project we refer you to the commit message style.


This guide is based on the contributing-gen. Make your own!