Building with Docker

This section explains how to build Managarm in a Docker environment.

Note: we recommend using cbuildrt instead of Docker as it is faster, requires less privileges and is better tested (we use cbuildrt on our continuous integration build server, so breakages are more noticeable).

  1. Complete the Preparations section.
  2. Install Docker.
  3. Build a Docker image from the provided Dockerfile:
    docker build -t managarm-buildenv --build-arg=USER=$(id -u) src/docker
  4. Create a bootstrap-site.yml file inside the build directory containing:
      runtime: docker
      image: managarm-buildenv
      src_mount: /var/bootstrap-managarm/src
      build_mount: /var/bootstrap-managarm/build
      allow_containerless: true
    This bootstrap-site.yml will instruct our build system to invoke the build scripts within your container image.

Now proceed to the Building section.