Supported packages

For an always up-to-date package list please look here.

Managarm uses xbps for it's package management, users can use this to fetch packages from within managarm.

Some of the available packages include:

  • Unix tools: grep, sed, findutils, coreutils, gawk, file, man-db, tar, which, groff, less, bzip2, gzip, xz-utils, lz4, zstd
  • Development: yasm, nasm, diffutils, patch, make, m4, gcc, cmake, binutils, bc
  • Scripting: perl (only basic functionality), python (only basic functionality), lua
  • Games: ace, mednafen, tyr-quake, gtklife, nyancat
  • Networking: wget, curl, socat, rsync
  • Editors: nano, vim
  • Shells: bash
  • Graphical: weston, mesa-demos, gtk+2, xclock, xkill, xwininfo
  • Databases: sqlite, gdbm
  • Bootloaders: limine